06 April 2021

5 Fun Online Activities to Spend Quality Time with Friends

5 Fun Online Activities to Spend Quality Time with Friends

Fun Online Activities - During the pandemic, we have to stay at home and strictly do some physical distancing to the others. We are also not allowed to hold a small gathering with friends or hang out in public place.

These can lead to loneliness because we are less connected with the other people. However, because of modern technology nowadays, we can still get in touch and do some virtual activities with our friends.

There are many ways to stay connected and spend quality time with friends that live far away from house during COVID-19. We can do these 5 fun activities to spend our time with them.

5 Fun Online Activities to Spend Quality Time with Friends

1. Video Call

There are a bunch of applications that offer video call in play store such as Whatsapp, Zoom, Google Meet and etc. You can talk everything you want to your friends face to face through your laptop or smartphone.

2. Watch or Stream Movie Online Together

Today, you don’t have to go to cinema to watch movie together with your friends. Some applications named Netflix Party, Rave and Rabbit provide streaming movie that you and your friends want to watch and chatroom in it. You can communicate with your friends while you guys are enjoying the movie.

3. Play Multiplayer Game

Playing game will be more fun if you and your friends can join together. It is better if you do voice call to communicate and do teamwork well. You can ask your friends’ lives or make some jokes when playing multiplayer games.

4. Do Some Quizzes

To get to know each other with your friends, you can try some quizzes using Kahoot or Google Form. You can ask about Math, general knowledge or ask personal opinion about you and your friends. By doing this, even though your friends are far away, you still can feel close to them.

5. Do Karaoke

One thing can relieve stress is do karaoke. You can duet songs with your friends by using Smule, WeSing and etc. Don’t forget to share your duet to your social media and let the other friends listen to your song and maybe they want to join too.

Last but not least, hopefully, this acticle can give you an insgith on how to spend your precious quality time with friends you close the most.
5 Fun Online Activities to Spend Quality Time with Friends
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